Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ben Affleck: Not the hero Metropolis/Gotham deserves, but needs right now. Or is he?

Ben Affleck is going to be Batman. The overwhelming response to this fact  seems to be negative.
But why? And is it justified? And what if, just might just be one of the best things that has happened to the Caped Crusader.

I liked reading the Batman comics as a kid. I enjoyed the campy Batman series, and i also liked the Burton movies. What came after, well.............not so much. And then Batman Begins changed the way Hollywood looked a Batman. And for the first time i really understood  Batman as a character. 

Nolan understood the darker side of the character and found in Christian Bale the perfect actor to portray that side. Using the best of the material avalable from the comics, Nolans trilogy is pretty much perfect.
So how do you go from there? With Batman fandom at a it's highest peak, it would be a shame not to capatilize on his succes. But not without a few bumps in the road.


Batman has been absent from the screen more then once. After the tv-series(1968) he wasn't around till Burton made his movies.(1989) (not taking in account the great animated series). After the Shumacher movies (1997), nobody dared to touch the Bat for years(2005). The superman movies had the same pattern and after Superman returns it took the mightiest man on earth 5 years before he dared to show his face again. People need time to get over the failures from the past, and even more time before their successes are being challenged. And just 3 years is a short time to get adjusted.


The Spiderman movies have been a huge boxoffice succes. Andrew Garfield took over the role from Toby Macguire and everybody seemed to be fine with this. Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill played Superman and both looked and played the part. All three actors were relativily unknown and therefore given the benefit of doubt. Actors are judged on their previous roles wether or not they are able to portray the character that they are going to play. Can a teenage heartthrob really play a scary psychopath dressed up as a clown? We've never seen him do anything like that. But heath Ledger's performance turned out to be even beter than anything that had gone before him, including Jack Nicholson. Ben Affleck has had a long carreer full of ups and downs, one of them who unfortunatly happens to be a superhero. And following up a class act as Christian Bale would be a daunting task for any actor. But Affleck has never really done anything like a dark character as Bruce Wayne, and let's face it, Daredevil wasn't just a bad movie because of Affleck......


"We are looking for an older Batman". Josh Brolin was a contender for the role. The movie is centered around the storyline from Batman Returns in which a much older Batman takes on Superman. Along comes Ben Affleck, 2 years older than Christian Bale, 6 years younger than Josh Brolin.So that really didn't help.
But Batfleck is a fact, so now what?

Zack Snyder brought back Superman back in a huge Snyder-esque way: visualy stunning, hugely entertaining and full of blockbuster boom. But it had it flawes as well. Would it really be so bad to have an academy award winning writer/director on board? Someone who has proven he knows how to create a more engaging and thrilling movie while keeping the characters intact? Who had a Batcave when he was young in his bedroom, because he was such a huge Batfan? I think it could work just fine.And since the movies are produced by Nolan himself, who defined the character for Bale, we just get that huge surprise that we are hoping for.